Presentations and Clips from OFU’s Lake Erie Solutions Forum

Lake-Erie-Forum640I’m working on a story and our own video coverage from what turned out to be an excellent set of presentations from Dr. Jeff Reutter, Ohio Sea Grant; Greg LaBarge, OSU Extension; Todd Hesterman, farmer and NW Ohio Coordinator of Conservation in Action and Adam Rissien from the Ohio Environmental Council. For now, find below the PowerPoint presentations from our presenters and links to media coverage of the event. Thanks to all who attended and to our presenters!

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[VIDEO] Here’s an idea for low-cost, do-it-yourself baseline well water testing

If you farm near an injection well in Ohio where they dump frack waste water, you might try this

The ideas described in this video will not hold up in court against a polluter should your well water be contaminated by frack waste, but this technique – and working with your neighbors – could give you an affordable way to track one aspect of water quality. An increase in the level of chlorides in your water over time could be the canary in the coal mine telling you to get professional testing done.

State Agencies Work with Ohio Company to Deliver Data on Grand Lake St. Marys Algae

Screenshot of monitoring results of water quality at Grand Lake St. Marys

News releases from Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s office and the Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency said last week that a public-private partnership is bringing results in monitoring water quality levels at Grand Lake St. Marys.

Working with Ohio DNR and EPA, YSI, Inc. of Yellow Springs has installed water monitoring stations at the 13,000 acre lake. For the past two years Grand Lake St. Mary’s has been a stew of toxic algae. The state has tried repeated treatments of alum in the water to get the algal blooms under control. Recreational activities at the lake have come to a standstill causing problems for the local economy during outdoor activity seasons.

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